The Power of Money

To some money is a measure of success and to others it is the root of all things evil, but one thing is for sure everyone has to have it. Those who make statements like "money is the root of all evil", "money isn't everything", or "he/she has ABC car or designer bag they must be wealthy" have a basic understanding of the concept of money.  

Money is not currency. Money is also not wealth. You can have both money and currency and still have a poverty mentality which results in debt, unmet needs, as well as instability in marriage, business, and oftentimes physical well being. Money and currency have similarities but there are some major differences. They derive from the concept of reciprocity but neither equates to wealth. Having one may create wealth while the other can and does create debt and impoverished thinking. 

Money has the power to transform a man or women into a magician of sorts. Think about it. With it you can make your wildest dreams come true and without it life turns into a race to obtain it. A race to obtain something that always seems to be out of arms reach, only available to certain people who are worthy of having it. Yet when you look at some of the people who have it you question why you can't seem to have any of it. Like for example Al Capone who was a notorious gangster who did not have a lack of money. Like a magician he used his money to influence the masses in Chicago to believe that not only was he not a mobster but was a compassionate, giving, benefactor. He was known to give gifts and food to the poor people of Chicago. He used it to buy politicians, police officers, and death. Wow! Now that's power. This thing called money while buying food for the poor also purchased death for the many souls that his money sent to their grave. Now that's Power.