This course is about understanding the concepts of money, currency, and wealth and why we do not have enough money to spend for everything that we desire and/or future life events. This course challenges preconceived notions about money and wealth. If money is considered to be given more value than you then it may be given more power than it deserves. By placing a certain value on ourselves based on money alone creates a mindset that only certain people are worthy of having it. This is the root of many money issues. Money in and of itself is not evil. It is not good either. It is neutral. The value that it has is what we give it. In this course you will learn how the value of the U.S. dollar has changed throughout history. Understanding this places you in a position of power to determine the value you give it in your life.

Now that you're out on your own how you handle your finances is extremely important. You can finish school with a degree in hand, but saddled with so much credit card and student loan debt that you have to take a job you don't want just to make ends meet. At this point you may start questioning why you even went to college. A college education is supposed to provide a path to a stable career. The saying that knowledge is power applies to the knowledge of finances too. If you learn how to master money while you are in college when you graduate you will be light years ahead of your peers. You will also ensure that you are able to make a career decision based on your passions, skills, and education not on money alone.

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